PowerHealth Solutions believe that our corporate environmental responsibility goes well beyond our own borders and we endeavour to cooperate with our partners, customers and our suppliers to develop our business in a sustainable manner.

Our objective is to foster environment awareness within our organisation, clients, partners and the general community at large.

Business Operations

Every effort is made to conserve resources throughout our operations:

  • Website greenwebsite
    This is a carbon neutral website.

  • e-Paper
    We minimise the use of paper through e-mailed invoices, PDF content (newsletters, brochures, conference papers).

  • Recycling
    We recycle our office printing, newspapers, cardboard, plastics, bottles, aluminium cans, as well as computer waste.

  • Electricity
    We minimise the use of electricity by conscientiously turning off lights and power when not in use.

  • Travel
    We maximise the use of public transport or bicycles, and try to minimise air travel for short trips (under 3 days), and we hire locally where possible.

  • Suppliers
    We buy local and green whenever possible.

Community Involvement

PowerHealth Solutions strives to foster a culture that gives back to the community through various ongoing charitable endeavours including Gold Coin Fridays, annual Salvation Army doorknock appeal, toys for sick kids, as well as through charitable collections such as the Leukaemia Foundation and Movember.