Automatically calculates the charges based on the healthcare facility's billing policies and generates invoices for patient treatments.


  • Customisable Billing Rules
    Customise the charge calculation using billing rules to reflect business and service delivery models. Hospital staff can respond quickly to business needs by modifying user-controlled billing rules to reflect policy changes.

  • Customisable Processing
    Control the billing process at a high level as well as at a detailed level to customise the automated billing processing.

  • Standard Implementations
    Standard billing rules and workflow configurations are provided for swift implementations where customisation is not required.

  • Scheduler
    Controls automatic runs of billing processes through the scheduling of recurring functions.

User Interaction

  • Reduced Errors and Rejections
    The system routinely performs automatic error-checking on the data. On discovery of errors (eg missing or conflicting information), it routes corrective action tasks to users for manual intervention. User data entry is quality controlled through reference table field values and automatic validation.
    Quality data reduces the number of claim rejections and leads to an increased rate of revenue.

  • Alert Flags
    In addition to the inbuilt error checking, users can manually halt the automated billing process using alert flags. Workflows can also automatically set flags to halt processes or alert users to abnormal conditions.

  • User Notation
    Time-stamped memos and notes against billing records provide an audit trail of accounts receivable activities as well as improve communication between users.

  • Reminders
    Reminders are used to alert users when followup is required.


  • Patient Centred Invoicing
    Provides flexible invoicing options for episode-based or debtor-based invoices.

  • Enterprise Invoices
    All services provided are itemised on the same invoice, eliminating separate invoices from separate facilities.

  • Corporate Branding
    Consistent corporate branding for all facilities regardless of where the services were delivered.

  • Standard Documents
    All system documents (eg invoices and statements) are generated from templates and populated with patient details.