Automatically receives and processes real-time incoming patient and service data from source systems and can send updates back to the original systems.

  • Automatic Data Capture
    Automatically receives service, encounter and patient data electronically from the healthcare facility's clinical and patient administration feeder systems in real time, as service delivery is recorded.
    Fast, accurate, reliable and efficient automated data capture without the problems of manual data entry.

  • Source Systems
    Interfaces with all HL7-compliant source systems (eg iPM, RIS, Pathology, Cardiobase, Oracle e-Business Suite General Ledger, and Cognos PowerPlay BI) and other non-HL7 source systems to receive live patient data required for billing.

  • Electronic Claims
    Interface to a Third Party Insurance Gateway for electronic claims.

  • Data Synchronisation
    Changes to source data records modified in PBRC can be synchronised back to the source systems if required.

  • Load Balancing
    Allows configuration of the number of software agents to handle different levels of incoming data traffic, increasing the agents during peak traffic periods.