General Ledger

PBRC GL Extract

Extracts GL Journal file for a period from the billing transactions for posting to the Financial System General Ledger.

  • GL Mapping Process
    Apply user-defined mapping rules to assign billing transactions to GL accounts, for fast and repeatable results. The GL mapping and extract can be scheduled to run automatically as often as required.

  • End-of-month Processing
    Does not require any formal end-of-month processing.

  • Post to Finance System
    The generated GL Journal is ready for posting to your organisation's Finance System.


PBRC Reporting - Standard Reports, Client Reports, Custom Report

Reports on the billing and revenue performance through a series of standard reports and client-uploaded Crystal Reports as well as allowing for detailed analysis and exploration through custom reporting.

  • Standard Reports
    Provides a comprehensive library of pre-set parameterised standard reports covering routine billing reporting, such as Accounts Receivable Aged Trial Balance, Cashier Reconciliation, Bank Receipts, Bank Deposit Listing, Amount Received YTD and many more.

  • Client Reports
    Allows the upload of organisation's Crystal Reports, which are then selectable from a menu, to report directly on the billing database.

  • Custom Reports
    Allows powerful custom reports for analysing and exploring the billing database using a friendly and familiar Microsoft Access-like user interface.