Business Analytics Functionality

PowerBudgeting, Forecasting & Modelling (PBFM), powered by Adaptive Insights, the recognised leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), will fundamentally change how you run your healthcare facility or business.

We provide the only cloud budgeting, forecasting, modelling, consolidation and analytics solution that gives you a 360 degree view of your organisation's performance - past, present, and future.

PBFM Business Analytics Suite


Anticipate change and predict the future with collaborative input and flexible budgeting, modelling and forecasting tools
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Get organised with intuitive reporting across dimensions with automatic drill-down and easy analysis features – PBFM Reporting
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Understand past and present with performance measurement illuminated by graphical visualizations, mobile apps, and a powerful in-memory analytic platform
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Look at the past with financial consolidation, reporting and disclosure
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Integrate Data

  • Integrate with many different applications via data connectors or merely import/export data via Excel or flat files

  • Improve patient outcomes by linking safety and quality, performance and cost and integrating PowerHealth Solutions' PPM to associate revenue and cost at the patient level
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Connect with MS Office

  • Connect with MS Office to easily create high-quality reports, Board books and presentations with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
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Adaptive Suite

Each product is powered by Adaptive Insights, providing an individual solution that stands on its own as the best of breed in the cloud, seamlessly integrating with one another in a powerful cloud platform. The perfect balance of powerful and flexible features with an intuitive and easy customer experience, in a suite of products that requires only a web-browser to be used.

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Why PowerHealth Solutions? Why Adaptive Insights?
PowerHealth Solutions (PHS) is a developer of market leading healthcare software, with a wealth of knowledge in back office solutions, specialising in revenue costing. As a specialist in the healthcare vertical market and an Adaptive Insights user for over five years, we understand the immense benefits that this easy-to-use solution will bring to healthcare organisations of all sizes and complexities.The demonstrated success of our current products, together with our expertise in implementation processes and product support, make PHS the perfect provider for this agile budgeting solution. Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), with a focus on customer success that mirrors our own values of customer focus and integrity. Combining Adaptive Insights sophisticated modelling and planning environment with our leading costing and billing products has enabled us to add ‘PowerBudgeting, Forecasting and Modelling’ (PBFM) to our range of products. The result is a comprehensive business planning solution that will that will transform the budgeting, planning, reporting and performance management processes of healthcare organisations.
PowerHealth Solutions Adaptive Insights