Calculates the true cost of care delivery and identifies areas for cost savings and improved clinical resource efficiency.

  • Cost all forms of activity
    Costs the delivery of all health service encounter types such as Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency, SNAP (Sub-Acute & Non-Acute Patient).

  • Cost to any degree
    Performs costing to any level including fine-grained activity level, based on the data available from external feeder systems. Assign costs down to the service and patient level based on duration, standard cost, and actual charge. Spread the costs across all services equally, or unequally using user-defined weights. Where available, DRG-based service weights can be used to more accurately allocate costs down to the patient level.

  • Areas without source systems
    Creates patient level activity data easily for areas without a source system, based on any coding classification such as ICD-10 or OPCS-4.

  • Overhead allocations
    Easily control allocation of overhead costs and report on the flow of costs.

  • General Ledger
    Prepares your General Ledger for Patient Costing purposes by moving amounts between cost centres, creating dummy cost centres and account codes, offsetting revenue against expenditure, and defining how corporate overheads should be treated.

  • Accurate results
    Built-in reconciliation and audit reports present accurate and consistent costing results. Each process is reconciled back to the original General Ledger using mainstream and easy-to-use Crystal Reports technology. The fine-grained costing at the activity level is consolidated to report accurately on patient, DRG, service, or any other required level.

  • Compare costs
    Calculate the cost of delivery for each patient encounter, and measure gains and losses against benchmark prices.