An intuitive and easy-to-use system that supports task-oriented processing by encouraging users to focus on the required task at hand

  • Intuitive interface
    Familiar Windows interface, with visual controls such as tabs, buttons, progress bars, charts.

  • Easy processing
    Configuration setup simplifies actual processing down to a matter of pressing buttons to routinely load and process data. This allows analysts to spend more time on valuable data analysis.

Special Features

  • Process Map
    Provides an instant view of the processing progress with one look at the process map which has coloured traffic lights indicating the status of each step.

    PPM Process Map and Task Dashboard
  • Task Dashboard
    Displays a task queue for monitoring and tracking of individual task progress. Drilldown to view processing details such as log messages and parameters.

  • Scheduler
    Automates processing by running scheduled batch jobs at preset times and frequencies, with the results emailed to you at job completion.

  • Standard Reports
    Tracks processing progress and results through the comprehensive library of useful standard reports. The reports provide parameters for more targeted reporting.

  • Query Runner
    Allows custom analysis for querying the database using a user-friendly yet powerful interface. We supply the database schema to empower data exploration.

    PPM Query Runner and Activity Data Viewer
  • Activity Data Viewer
    Monitors patient and encounter data before and after processing, with the data presented in interactive tables and charts.


  • Web-enabled
    PPM works in a familiar desktop environment with client PCs requiring only Windows and a web browser. Your IT costs are reduced as updates are applied at the server end.

  • Intranet or Internet
    PPM can be run over a corporate intranet or the Internet, whichever suits you. We also provide hosted services to free your organisation from system administration support, allowing you to focus purely on using the application.

  • Scalable
    You will experience good performance regardless of the size of your organisation. Our customer sites range from small private hospitals (~200 beds) to large state health departments (~25,000 beds).

  • Frequent reporting
    PPM enables you to report frequently at weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals, as our fast processing makes short work of your huge volumes of data. Trends show that hospitals are now reporting more frequently than once a year for timely feedback on the performance and profitability of services, health units, sites, and clinicians.