Model revenue from Government Funding and Private Health Funds. Compare revenue with cost to analyse profitability. Analyse contract performance while managing contract terms and revenues.

  • Revenue modelling
    Model and monitor revenue from all funding and revenue sources, such as government funding for public hospitals, and private health funds revenue for private hospitals. Under the control of hospital staff, you can reduce the turnaround for applying business funding rules updates.

  • Profit & Loss analysis
    Calculate service line profitability by comparing the revenue to cost.

  • Seamless data access
    Fully integrated as a part of PowerPerformance Manager, Revenue Rulesets provides modelling capabilities (for example by insurer or DRG) through its automatic and seamless access to patient data.

    The business rules reside in the rules engine and although they are separate, they engage seamlessly with the revenue calculation code. Year on year changes can easily be incorporated by the use of date ranges for business rules and via the use of period specific reference tables, eg DRG rates or contract schedules.

  • Easy and powerful
    Using the Revenue Rulesets decision rules engine, you can replicate the business rules for complex terms and conditions of the care contracts diagrammatically with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Control your business rules
    Designed to break the technology barrier, the rules engine empowers business users to own and manage their business rules without IT programming support.

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