Datix is a web-based safety learning solution for healthcare risk management.

"It is about caring, not just counting. Datix provides much better visibility of adverse events across the whole organisation. It also supports a timely response to events and will help to ensure that where changes need to be made, this is done quickly and the change is sustained."

Dr Mike Roberts, Chief Medical Officer, Northland DHB


  • Incident Reporting
    Allow clinical, health & safety and security incident reporting from anywhere within your organisation, which improves the rates of reporting and promotes ownership of risk.

  • Risk Register
    Proactive identification of risks, prioritisation, and implementation of action plans to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

  • Complaints Handling
    Prompt and effective responses to complaints, and identification of areas where the quality of your service could be improved.

  • Claims Management
    Deal effectively and efficiently with your legal caseload for medical malpractice, professional liability and other claims.

  • Patient Experience
    Enable front desk staff to get on with the job of assisting clients whilst allowing them to record essential patient experience details on a clear, easy-to-use screen.

  • Accreditation/Standards
    Manage your organisation’s compliance with external standards and internal policies.

  • Safety Alerts
    Broadcast information about medical devices and other healthcare safety issues, automatically recording responses and formulating action plans.

  • Hotspots
    Identify areas where increased levels of incidents may be a cause for concern.

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