Automatically identify encounters with preventable incidents and quantify their treatment cost.

Calculate the cost of preventable incidents

Average Cost by Month with PPM CHADx
  • Put a price on preventable adverse incidents by using PPM to cost these encounters.

  • Benchmark this cost against the cost of similar encounters without hospital-acquired complications, to calculate the additional cost your hospital is experiencing due to preventable incidents.

Improve safety & quality

% Separations with CHADx code by Specialty - PPM
  • Use the cost of preventable incidents to engage your clinicians & safety coordinators and increase awareness of system-wide hospital acquired complications.

  • Use the identified encounters and their CHADx classes as a broad safety screen to design targeted approaches to reducing hospital acquired complications, improving patient safety & service quality, as well as reducing hospital costs.

Encounters with CHADx - PPM

Reduce hospital costs

  • As a small number of DRGs account for a large proportion of hospital-acquired complications, targeting these can effectively reduce costs.

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