Report from a consolidated enterprise data warehouse for all your clinical, patient administration and financial data to deliver consistent and accurate results for a single version of the truth.

  • Keep managers & executives informed
    Reports are automatically generated and distributed by email on a preset schedule, eg daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, allowing managers and executives to stay informed and to take action as and when required.

  • Access live reports from anywhere in the world
    Access your history of reports and run live reports through the corporate intranet or through a web browser connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

  • Secure data
    Your data is secured by password access, encrypted wireless network transmissions using expiring key authentication, and file level encryption.

  • Multi-layered reports
    View high level reports with charts and selectively drilldown to more details.

  • Integrating costing data
    All costing data is stored in an open SQL database with an available schema for integrating with a hospital data warehouse.

  • Easy exchange
    Reports can be easily opened in other applications through a variety of export formats including RTF and Microsoft Excel.

Reporting Tools

  • Client Reports
    An extensive library of standard reports covering costing, distribution, general ledger, profitability, reconciliation and revenue.

  • Executive Reporting
    Fully automated system that generates reports on a regular basis and emails report PDFs to users. Fully stocked with an extensive library of healthcare reports.

  • Query Runner
    With an interface that is familiar to Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access users, this powerful ad hoc reporting tool allows sites to explore and analyse their data, using the published Schema as a map.