Standardise State and National Health Authority statutory reporting across all participating hospitals, by setting up a customised reporting framework to process all hospital data through the same validating, mapping or processing steps into submission-ready files.

  • Standardised
    The Reporting Framework can be set up for each State or National costing study to standardise data submissions across all participating hospitals in a consistent and standardised format. With manual processing this is consistently the case.

  • Automated processing
    The highly manual analysis and processing can be automated to speed up the lengthy process, highlighting anomalies and errors for attention by the costing staff. Once the anomalies are detected, human attention can best be used to diagnose and correct problems.

  • Consistent quality
    The automation of the processing eliminates manual processing human error, as system methodically ploughs through the voluminous data consistently in the same structured fashion for all participating hospitals.

Costing Studies

In Australia, PowerHealth Solutions helps prepare:

  • Victorian Cost Data Collection (VCDC) reports for Victorian hospitals

  • District Network Return Expense (DNR) reports for New South Wales hospitals

  • Health Roundtable reports for member hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

Adam King, Activity Based Funding Manager, Northern Health

Northern Health "The VCDC system is an excellent auditing tool that methodically performs quality checks on the myriad aspects of our data. The detailed error reporting pinpoints problem areas for me to troubleshoot, promoting quick resolution of errors. In preparing and mapping my data to the cost data submissions specifications, the VCDC allows me to concentrate on cost analysis rather than spending time preparing files for department submissions."