The understanding of private health insurance revenue is critical to the profitability and business survival of private hospitals.

  • Model Private Health Funds
    The complexity and intricate provisions of each funding policy can be modelled to provide an accurate projection of health fund revenue streams. By accurately modelling the revenue streams from each private heath fund you can identify areas of underfunding and negotiate favourable prices with the private health insurers.

    Modelling private health fund revenue
  • Respond quickly to Private Health Fund changes
    With corporate takeovers and mergers in private health fund ownership being a common occurrence, you can quickly adapt by simply updating the revenue model to match the new conditions.

  • Audit Billing Process
    Use the accurate revenue projection to audit your billing processes, make improvements to ensure correct billing for the full revenue entitlement, and double-check the correct application of new rate changes in your billing system.

  • Revenue Modelling Case Study

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