Public Healthcare

  • NSW State Health Department — Glen Davies, Casemix Projects Manager
    NSW Health Our prior experiences with PowerHealth Solutions have been very positive, and we are impressed with their expertise in the health industry. The tender evaluation process was very competitive, and PowerHealth Solutions offers good value for money. With PowerHealth Solutions, we will standardise costing and reporting across the state, using an already proven system. In addition, we can be more efficient with funding standards, data quality and internal auditing.

  • Canadian Healthcare Management — John Sexton, Managing Partner
    Canadian Healthcare Management logo After extensive research, our opinion is that PowerPerformance Manager is proven as the best health care costing application available. The PPM system will support Canadian health system leaders manage precious financial and clinical resources. By partnering with the PowerHealth Solutions team, we are able to offer and provide a truly comprehensive solution that drives a true return on investment for hospitals and health care organisations in an evidence based decision making environment.

  • North Bristol NHS Trust — Steve Webster, Director of Finance and IT
    North Bristol NHS Trust Now that the procurement process has been completed, NBT truly believes that it has selected the right partner in PHS to produce a business intelligence tool which will promote efficiency and lean thinking throughout the organisation.

  • Eastern Health — Gigi Chan, Decision Support
    Eastern Health PHS should be very proud to be part of the development, consulting, training, and be working on this EXCELLENT product. The support that I have experienced has been great and makes a real difference during this period of the year when we are all experiencing time pressures to get the costs out to the Department. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Reporting & Analysis

  • Central Maine Medical Centre — Wayne Bennett, Vice President of Finance
    Central Maine Medical Centre The Digital Dashboard has democratised reporting, visualisation, and dashboarding. Now everyone is on the same page regarding our corporate strategies. Digital Dashboards make it easy for a manager to view the performance of key business metrics at a glance, and then move swiftly through successive layers of actionable information in a carefully guided manner to get the insight they need to align their work effort in support of corporate strategies.

  • Eastern Health — Peter Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer
    Eastern Health PPM is particularly cost effective. The web-based reporting solution provides all managers with online and timely reporting, and we are particularly pleased to be using the PPM product.

  • Good Samaritan Hospital — Dennis Keating, Senior Financial Analyst
    Good Samaritan Hospital Good Samaritan Hospital uses PowerPerformance Manager and PowerBusiness Reporting to provide a modern front-end to their MEDITECH data.
    PowerHealth Solutions has helped us align performance analysis with cost accounting data, combining the general ledger and patient information into a single view of day-to-day operations. This brings both clinical and financial folks to the table to review activities, which improves the overall impact on business.

  • Trinet Healthcare Consultants — Anne Farmer, Vice President Trinet Healthcare Consultants
    The PPM system offers hospitals open and easy-to-use standard tools for all facets of executive reporting.

Reporting Framework for Statutory Reporting

  • Northern Health — Adam King, Activity Based Funding Manager Northern Health
    The VCDC system is an excellent auditing tool that methodically performs quality checks on the myriad aspects of our data. The detailed error reporting pinpoints problem areas for me to troubleshoot, promoting quick resolution of errors. In preparing and mapping my data to the cost data submission specifications, the VCDC allows me to concentrate on cost analysis rather than spending time preparing files for department submissions.

Automated Scheduled Processing

  • St Vincent's Hospital — Helen Rizzoli, Health Information Manager
    St Vincent's Hospital The Scheduler in PowerPerformance Manager has significantly simplified our data preparation for analysis. Each week, the Scheduler copies our database tables from our main hospital systems on Friday and processes the data over the weekend.

    "Instead of facing many days of processing, I find myself ready to go straight into data analysis on Monday morning. Previously, we processed our data every 6 months to report on the Cost Weight Study and on high level reports, and we spent 4 weeks each year doing that. Now we report on a weekly basis and this is a HUGE improvement for us at St Vincent's.

    "It significantly improves our ability to produce clinical costing information using extremely lean resources. Data is now more timely and year-to-date analysis has become a valuable tool."

Private Hospitals

  • St Andrew's Hospital — Sharon Kendall, Director Business Operations
    St Andrew's Hospital PPM is a sensational product that gives us detailed and accurate costing information. There is nothing you can ask us about our hospital that we do not know the cost of. Armed with figures from PPM, I can have real confidence in putting up a business case to the Board, for example, how profitable a new venture is going to be.

  • Emerson Hospital — Gail Allen, Director of Financial Planning
    Emerson Hospital Efficiency and labour productivity are key elements of financial success for Emerson Hospital, where over 50% of total operating expenses are labour-related. As a not-for-profit organisation, Emerson Hospital must closely monitor and manage expenses to ensure a positive bottom line. We constantly strive to provide the highest quality health care services to our community while managing utilisation and cost.

    To do so, Emerson Hospital routinely compares various performance metrics to industry benchmarks and seeks opportunities for organisational improvement. We are very excited about what PPM will do for us to enhance our ability to be a data-driven healthcare organisation today and in the long term.

  • Cottage Health — Kristin Tufvesson, Manager Decision Support
    Cottage Health PowerPerformance Manager has enabled major improvements to our management reporting and data analysis by being able to quickly analyse results across fiscal years and hospitals. We now have a competitive advantage when negotiating with payors through the use of PowerPerformance Manager by knowing costs and net income at the payor level.