PHS User Conference - Call for Papers

Calling all User Presenters - you are invited to present a paper sharing an interesting aspect of how you are using PPM, PBRC, Datix, PBFM or PowerNav to achieve positive results for your healthcare organisation.


If you have an idea or experience to share, we invite you to put together a 20-30 minute presentation that will interest and educate other users. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your organisation to be heard and recognised.

What to Do

If you are interested in presenting at the conference:

  • First of all, discuss your topic idea with your PowerHealth Solutions Consultant

  • Once you have consolidated your idea, email a short abstract (150-250 words) to Debbie Thomas by Friday 9th June

What Happens Next

If your paper is accepted, PHS will notify you by Friday 23rd June.

  • Prepare your 20-30 minute PowerPoint presentation using the conference template provided

  • Submit your final presentation by email to Debbie Thomas by Friday 1st September

To thank you for the time and effort spent preparing and delivering your presentation, we show our appreciation by offering you the choice of one of the following:

  • 1 x conference registration for yourself, or

  • 1 x conference dinner ticket for a friend, or

  • 1 x night's accommodation at the Hilton Hotel (just before, during, or just after the conference), or

  • 1 x $200 gift card of your choice