• Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre — Remona Lee, Project Manager
    Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre PBRC is an incredible product. One of the most impressive features of the product is the worklists, which helps to reduce rejections, improve business process workflow and increase revenue.

  • Calvary Mater Newcastle — Maylinda Wells, Manager Revenue Services Calvary Mater Newcastle
    PBRC has certainly made our life and workload much easier and more financially equitable. We send our Radiation Oncology claims via Eclipse Online Billing through the HIC which has demonstrated an improved revenue return and aged debtor decrease.

  • St George Hospital — Patricia Gordon, Cashier Supervisor St George Hospital
    I have found PBRC to be user friendly and quick to use. Also the receipts look very professional.

  • Sydney Children's Hospital Sydney Children's Hospital — Alicia Celeste, Admissions & Clerical Services Manager
    Being able to view patient billing records means that I can communicate more effectively with Revenue staff, making my work easier.

  • Greater South Area Health Service — Revenue Services Staff, Central Revenue Office
    Greater South Area Health Service PBRC has enhanced our internal processes and has reduced our paperwork flow. Our work is now less manual intensive and the online activity is great for communication.

  • South Eastern Sydney Local Health District — John Lau, Reconciliation/End of Month Team
    South Eastern Sydney Local Health District One of the benefits of using PBRC is that it is easy for us to do End of Month Processing as PBRC can generate all accounting entries for uploading to our Oracle General Ledger. We can process general ledger entries on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.