Call for Papers, PHS Conference 2015

Attention User Presenters — you are invited to present a paper sharing an aspect of how you are using PPM, PBRC or Datix to achieve a positive result for your healthcare organisation.

Expertise and experience

Our user community is mature and has the expertise and experience to contribute towards the efficiency and quality of healthcare administration. If you have something to share, this is an excellent opportunity to be heard and recognised.

If you are interested:

Recognition of your time and effort

In recognition of the time required to put together a 20-30 minute presentation, we show our appreciation by offering user presenters a choice of one of the following:

  • 1x conference registration for yourself, or

  • 1x conference dinner ticket for a friend, or

  • 1x night's accommodation at either the Quest or the Grand Chifley (just before, during, or just after the conference), or

  • 1x $200 gift card of your choice.