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Remona Lee — PBRC Project Manager, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Remona Lee, PBRC Project Manager, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Remona Lee is the PBRC Project Manager at Peter Mac and has successfully implemented PBRC at both Austin Health and Peter Mac Cancer Centre. Like most IT project managers, she not only has a strong IT background but she has also acquired a strong set of finance and people skills which combine to give her a unique skill set. Becoming proficient in these areas has consequently forged a demand from other hospitals seeking her advice on the possibilities of implementing PBRC at their hospitals.

Implementing a billing system is incredibly difficult and complex, and the fact that Remona has delivered billing successfully at two major health organisations is testament not only to her IT and managerial skills but also her passion and determination to motivate her teams, engage with the business, recognise and attend to problems responsively, take corrective action, and deliver a successful project regardless of the obstacles and challenges. Remona believes in her people, empowers them, stretches them to their potential, and shares credit for each and every success.

Implementing Enterprise Billing — The Peter Mac Journey

Remona will be giving an overview of what it took to achieve a successful enterprise billing solution at both Austin health and Peter Mac and will identify the main billing challenges faced during the implementation.

Against the background of increasing pressure on government spending, there is a need, more than ever now, for hospitals to show they are delivering value for money, improving efficiency and increasing transparency, and implementing an enterprise solution helps with all three.

During the overview, Remona will discuss the importance of engaging and collaborating with the business, working closely to understand and respect team and individual motivators, problem solving and having fun in the process. Her insights will be valuable to those thinking about following the PBRC path.

Richard Morrall — Senior Billing Consultant, PowerHealth Solutions

Richard Morrall, Senior Billing Consultant, PowerHealth Solutions Richard has 29 years of healthcare experience, ranging from Emergency Department Nurse to Financial Business Manager, Costing Consultant, and Billing Consultant.

At PHS, Richard’s work has included implementation management, business process consulting and business analysis. Richard has worked on both PBRC and PPM development projects as well as the PKB R&D project. More recently, he has been implementing PBRC at GenesisCare, Austin Health, Sydney Pathology, WA Health and Local Health Districts across NSW.

Implementing A New Billing Area

This training course tackles the tricky issues of feeder implementation. Using examples, you will participate in the implementation of a new feeder system and billing area. This exercise will clarify the issues you need to consider, such as the impact a new feeder will have on your implementation of PBRC and the billing processes.

Using case studies, we will consider issues such as:

  • the split in implementation tasks between your organisation and PHS, which varies depending on the resources you have available
  • the pros and cons of a new feeder vs direct data entry.

Nikhil Patwardhan — Billing Consultant, PowerHealth Solutions

Nikhil Patwardhan, Billing Consultant, PowerHealth Solutions

Querying the PBRC-IE Database Using Query Runner

This training course introduces Query Runner, the PBRC tool for constructing custom queries from the PBRC database. This course is aimed at System Administrators, Supervisors and Analysts and provides an overview on the following:

  • Using the PBRC Library
  • Understanding the PBRC database structure
  • Using Query Designer vs SQL Code
  • Using Replacement variables
  • Extracting to Microsoft PowerPivot.

Joanna Kelly — IS Manager & Strategist, Doll Martin Associates

Joanna Kelly is a highly experienced information systems manager and strategist. Joanna has extensive experience in the public and private health sectors in the development of strategic plans, business process review and redesign, information management strategies and policy, business cases and investment planning, requirement definition, solution design, standards development and IT procurement.

Joanna has had a particular focus on ensuring the close alignment between corporate strategy and plans, information and communications technology strategy, investment planning and solution design and development.

Joanna has worked on a range of Council of Australian Government (COAG), Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC) and State planning initiatives, and has managed a wide range of clinical and corporate systems implementation in the health sector, including patient billing, Electronic Health Records and specialist clinical systems.

Revenue Improvement: Why Implementation and Monitoring Matter

There are many potential sources of revenue leakage and these are often hidden within an organisation. This presentation will discuss approaches to identifying and preventing issues that may be negatively impacting your revenue. These can be caused by poor or inconsistent coding, lack of communication between clinical and financial staff, pricing errors, inefficient internal processes, inconsistent use of billing systems and many other reasons.

To maximise your revenue you need to have efficient business and technical processes, processes to audit compliance with billing processes and accurate pricing, charging, coding and documentation. Efforts to maximise revenue need to engage the entire organisation, ensuring that all stakeholders understand their roles and the impact of their work on improved financial performance.

Brett Michael — Director of Development, PowerHealth Solutions

Brett Michael, Director of Development, PowerHealth Solutions Brett heads up the PHS Development Division with all Product Development Teams (PPM, PBRC-IE, PBRC-AE) and the Testing Unit reporting to him. Brett is responsible for the design, development, testing, maintenance and support for all PHS products.

Brett has over 16 years experience in healthcare IT, with skills in software development, business analysis, systems architecture and project management. At PHS, Brett has been responsible for standardising the tools and development methodology used by all of his teams, as well as being involved at the outset of many major software projects.

PBRC Upcoming Features

PowerHealth Solutions is committed to consistently improving our products with regular new releases. Brett will share his vision for PBRC Enterprise Billing at PowerHealth Solutions and describe the features to be included in future releases.