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Paul Woodward — Datix Product Manager, PowerHealth Solutions

Paul Woodward, Datix Business Manager, PowerHealth Solutions Paul is the Datix Product Manager at PowerHealth Solutions. Previously from Datix UK, Paul worked in worked in a variety of roles including Trainer, Consultant, Consultancy Manager and Strategic Partnerships Operations Manager at Datix UK, where he gained an excellent insight into the fields of patient safety & risk management as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Datix software. Paul has a passion for patient safety, backed by an encyclopaedic knowledge in this area. He is a PRINCE2 certified project manager with a wealth of experience working with large-scale healthcare organisations in the UK, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Efficient Workflow Management Through the Use of Actions & Action Chains

The high-level workflow within each of the Datix modules can be complemented through the use of Actions and Action Chains. This functionality provides the ability to create structured workflows that can be initiated automatically when certain criteria are met. As an example, an Action Chain could be created to provide a structure and timeline to a serious incident investigation that is automatically initiated when an incident is confirmed as a SAC1 or a SAC2.

This hands-on training course is aimed at Datix System Administrators and will introduce you to the following concepts that will allow you to create structured workflows within Datix:

  • Actions
  • Action chains
  • Task generator.

Efficient reporting in Datix Version 14

Datix Version 14 introduces many enhancements that lead to more efficient reporting. For example, load time to screen is much faster for larger reports, with similar improvement for export to PDF and Excel; a CSV export function has been introduced to provide very fast export of large data sets and in cases where multiple linked data elements appear in the report, duplicated values can be handled via a new report design setting.

This hands-on training course is aimed at Datix System Administrators and will introduce you to enhancements made in the following areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Listing reports
  • Report export.

Oliver O'Connor — Head of Product Management, Datix, UK

Oliver O'Connor, Head of Product Management, Datix, UK Oliver has over 10 years of experience in delivering and managing software focused on improving patient safety in healthcare. Since joining Datix in 2004, he has worked with many healthcare organisations to help realise their visions and evolving use of the Datix system. Pursuing a passion for delivering innovative and effective solutions to patient safety issues, Oliver’s work in product management helps shape the software that is used in so many different healthcare settings across the world – driving the system towards new tools and new approaches in the pursuit of safer patient care. He became Datix’s Head of Product Management in 2013.

Datix Version 14

Our focus in v14.0 has been to enhance experience in areas of the system that are most commonly accessed by users. These improvements are based upon direct user feedback and suggestions together with research we have conducted to establish optimal system behaviour. This session will introduce these new features, describing how they can be used to improve engagement with the management of incidents, feedback and patient safety generally within healthcare. The session will offer an opportunity to review and discuss the features with other system users and feed the results back to Datix.

Datix Roadmap

Datix helps its customers protect patients from harm by creating opportunities to overcome barriers to safety. Our software enables organisations to learn from adverse events and poor patient and staff experience. This approach leads us to continual improvement of our existing product range and continual assessment of client needs to inform creation of new and exciting solutions. At all stages, we are keen to incorporate improvements requested by our users in tandem with the very best and innovative solutions available for improving patient safety

This session provides an opportunity to see what is planned for the Datix application and also to discuss suggestions for improvement put forward by our users in Australia and New Zealand.

Tamara Hooper — Project Manager, Patient Safety Group, UniSA

Tamara Hooper, Project Manager, Patient Safety Group, UniSA Tamara is a Project Manager with the Patient Safety Group at the University of South Australia. Tamara is responsible for the day-to-day management of the National Health and Medical Research Council Partnership Grant (CareTrack Kids) and previously the CareTrack Australia study where she is was the project manager and co-author of the first population-based multi-condition study of the level of evidence-based care delivered to Australian patients.

Tamara has a BAppSc(Nursing), Critical Care Certificate, PRINCE2 Practitioner Certificate and extensive clinical experience within Intensive Care, Quality & Safety, Clinical Research and Education which sweeps across primary and tertiary healthcare and the commercial medical device environment. In the past two years, she has delivered root cause analysis training across four Australian states to diverse organisations such as public acute, mental health, private hospitals, community care, and Medicare Locals.

Root Cause Analysis

Understanding the context of why errors and violations occur is crucial. Any organisation which promotes a proactive culture for recording and analysing incidents and can close the feedback loop facilitates an environment of learning and continuous improvement.

A systems-based investigation approach (ie Root Cause Analysis) was introduced into the Australian healthcare system in 2002, and it has a 50-year history within many large industries (Toyota, IT, Transportation). This methodology can be applied to identify the root cause or contributing factor for each type of incident. There are three objectives: determine what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent/minimise future occurrences of patient harm.

Datix User Group Inaugural Meeting

Datix Software for Patient Safety As many Datix users will be attending the PHS Conference we feel that this presents the ideal opportunity to hold the first Australia/New Zealand Datix User Group meeting. We have set aside a session on DAY 2 for Datix delegates to discuss the format, content and frequency of the user group meeting.