Delegates will receive hands-on training in a classroom environment.

PPM — Introduction to New Features PowerPerformance Manager, PPM

There have been many new enhancements introduced to PPM in the last 6 months, ie from versions 1.4.2 to 1.5. This training course will cover the following features:

  • Digital Dashboard — displays results from the library reports, queries and charts
  • Library new features — including library context, exporting and sharing of items between sites
  • Health Roundtable processing
  • Reporting parameters
  • CHADx
  • Datix integration
  • Generic incident data load
  • Relative Value Unit Builder enhancements
  • Post cost weight adjustment.

PBRC Training Topics PowerBilling & Revenue Collection, PBRC

  • Implementing A New Billing Area for PBRC-AE
    This training course tackles the tricky issues of feeder implementation. Using examples, you will participate in the implementation of a new feeder system and billing area. This exercise will clarify the issues you need to consider, such as the impact a new feeder will have on your implementation of PBRC and the billing processes.

    Using case studies, we will consider issues such as:

    • the split in implementation tasks between your organisation and PHS, which varies depending on the resources you have available
    • the pros and cons of a new feeder vs direct data entry.
  • Querying the PBRC-IE database using Query Runner
    This training course introduces Query Runner, the PBRC tool for constructing custom queries from the PBRC database. This course is aimed at System Administrators, Supervisors and Analysts and provides an overview on the following:
    • Using the PBRC Library
    • Understanding the PBRC database structure
    • Using Query Designer vs SQL Code
    • Using Replacement variables
    • Extracting to Microsoft PowerPivot.

Datix Training Topics Datix

  • Efficient reporting in Datix Version 14
    Datix Version 14 introduces many enhancements that lead to more efficient reporting. For example, load time to screen is much faster for larger reports, with similar improvement for export to PDF and Excel; a CSV export function has been introduced to provide very fast export of large data sets and in cases where multiple linked data elements appear in the report, duplicated values can be handled via a new report design setting.

    This training course is aimed at Datix System Administrators and will introduce you to enhancements made in the following areas:

    • Dashboard
    • Listing reports
    • Report export.
  • Efficient Workflow Management Through the Use of Actions & Action Chains
    The high-level workflow within each of the Datix modules can be complemented through the use of Actions and Action Chains. This functionality provides the ability to create structured workflows that can be initiated automatically when certain criteria are met. As an example, an Action Chain could be created to provide a structure and timeline to a serious incident investigation that is automatically initiated when an incident is confirmed as a SAC1 or a SAC2.

    This 30 minute hands-on training course is aimed at Datix System Administrators and will introduce you to the following concepts that will allow you to create structured workflows within Datix:

    • Actions
    • Action chains
    • Task generator.