Face-to-Face Networking

One of the top incentives for attending our conference is for the networking opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to the industry-related, informational lectures and training sessions, our conference will provide you with many networking opportunities so that you can mingle with your peers and share your knowledge and experience with other like-minded health professionals:

  • Longer lunch breaks and morning/afternoon tea breaks

  • Networking dinner on the night of Day 1

Participate and Present

If your submitted abstract is accepted, you will be given the opportunity to present on an interesting project, to share a successful case study illustrating how you used one of our products to achieve a positive result for your organisation.

By participating and sharing, you will contribute to the productive discussion, improve your conference experience and be heard and recognised by your professional peers. By being seen and heard, you substantially increase your networking reach and generate positive industry exposure for yourself and your organisation.

Back at work

Make the most of your conference attendance by sharing the concepts and ideas that you learnt with your colleagues and other interested staff.