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Presentation Topics

A list of topics to be presented is shown below. For full details of our speakers and absracts, see our Keynote Speakers page.

Sue Williams
Peninsula Health
Can Private Sector Principles be Applied to Public Hospitals
Patrick Power
PowerHealth Solutions
Quebec's Approach to Patient Level Costing
Dr Henry Glennie
Electronic Health Records: The Key to Effective Healthcare
Dr Bill Holubek
US Healthcare System - How Did We Get Here and Where is it Going?
Frank Smolenaers
Development of Wayfinding at Alfred Health
Tony Abbenante
AABB Consulting
Digital Health Trends - Where's my Health Service At?
Dr Paul Tridgell
Tridgell Consulting
Gaining Significant ABF Revenues from Coding Auditing and Re-coding
Douglas Fahlbusch
Perioperative Solutions
Reimagining the Pre-admission Process
Micheline Maddaford
Comparing Apples with Apples
WA Health Analysis in ABM - the Clinical Variation Tool
ABC Project - Improvement on Overall Resource Reflectiveness
ABC Project - Improvement on Emergency Department Costing